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Designate-A-Driver - Pre-Prom Mock DUI scenes @ St. George's School on May 14, 2004 and @ Middletown High School on May 13, 2009; April 26, 2012; May 14, 2013; May 13, 2014 and May 19, 2015

Special Thanks to: The Middletown Police and Fire Departments, The Middletown Prevention Coalition, The Life Star Severe Rescue Crew - Norwich, CT, Gold's Auto Recycling, O'Neil, Hayes Funeral Home as well as the St. George's & Middletown High School Faculty, Staff and the entire student bodies. Thank you!!!

Designate-A-Driver is a nationally recognized 501 (c) (3) organization, incorporated in Rhode Island on March 11, 2004 for charitable and educational purposes. Our Mission is to help educate all youth and families about the dangers of irresponsible and underage alcohol consumption; as well as illegal drug use in our communities.

Helping to Save Lives

We will use all available resources to continue "Community Assistance Networking" in Newport County school departments and our surrounding areas. D-A-D helps prevention specialists with mock DUI scenes, educational video viewings and coordinating awareness presentations to as many children and young adults as possible. Designate-A-Driver is an educational phrase which can be used to break the ice while explaining to children the effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption. Who, What, When, Where, Why & How should someone Designate-A-Driver?

The name Mothers against Drunk Driving does not ethically allow them to help educate children about alcohol until they are 21. Designate-A-Driver (D-A-D) “CAN” rightfully assist our communities using the newest and proven technologies to enlighten all children; helping to prevent others from getting MADD in the future.

Helping to Save Money

We have thought outside of the yellow bus as secondary transportation for students and local youth organizations. D-A-D along with our sponsors will help transport extracurricular youth programs, airing a brief safety video during transit. This is a minimally intrusive method to help educate entire communities about healthy choices, and the dangers of irresponsible alcohol consumption. There is also a need of public/private support, and tax-exempt financial aid to help alleviate our "educational" school budgets.

Our idea is to purchase one non-profit, hi-tech motor-coach vehicle with passenger safety belts, handicap access and a lavatory. We will provide one extracurricular trip per day, alternating between all six high schools in Newport County and Salve Regina University during the school years. Our generously discounted private school rates will help subsidize local public school transportation for years to come. D-A-D has effectively connected with children and young adults by repetitiously providing a widely beneficial school community service in return for student attention and cooperation. Trial results in 2011 and 2012 confirm that our d-a-d bus program will save school districts money and enlighten our student passengers along the way.

Helping to Save our Planet

EPA Emission Standards for new heavy-duty vehicles manufactured after 2007 are up to 95 percent cleaner than most diesel school buses used today. The U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has also made it mandatory for new motor coaches and other large buses to have safety (lap and shoulder) belts for passengers and drivers, beginning November 2016. All proceeds raised will drive D-A-D safely and cleanly into the future; and ...…

***** Help local budgets save money on extracurricular school travel.

**** Assist schools in our communities with educational, mock DUI scenes.

*** Continue web development and research new, safe-community programs.

***** Enable you to help D-A-D spread the seeds of our grassroots Nationwide!!!

On November 4, 2011 D-A-D was able to Designate-A-Driver for the Rogers High School Varsity Football Team. We cancelled the "yellow bus" and chartered a motor coach tour bus for their football game at East Greenwich high school. The students respected the fact that sponsors out there care, and they were compelled to focus on the 12 minute safety video regarding http://helpjacqui.com/ on the way home from the game. While enlightening the 35-40 student passengers during transit, we were also able to save the after-school transportation budget at Rogers $400.

We would like to thank our thoughtful sponsors for their kind donations. The Red Parrot Restaurant, J&S Roofing Co., Farrar and Associates, The Gas Lamp Grille, and Charlie Holder @ The 2009-2011 Pier Restaurant under the owners of the Atlantic Beach Club.

All proceeds go directly towards the Mission of Designate-A-Driver.

For more information regarding our Alcohol Awareness Drive, please visit our sponsor page or contact us today.

Phone: 401.639.4901  ~  E-mail to: d-a-d1@cox.net

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