Our objective is to periodically Designate-A-Driver for High School and College Students helping to SAFELY transport them to and from after-school activities. We "HOPE" to help alleviate some of the after-school travel expenses which are a heavy burden on school budgets; and a major contributing factor to the elimination of some essential after-school programs. At the same time utilizing todays technologically advanced vehicles, we can help educate our young adult passengers on the dangers of underage drinking and the permanent damage which can be caused by drunk and reckless driving. When not being used for our primary student passengers, the d-a-dbus will service it's community with discounted, fundraising "Rhode" trips.

For example ... a wide range of sporting events, amusement parks, aquariums, zoos, and other desirable destinations are just a few which will enable D-A-D to bring our younger children to youth hockey, Pop-Warner football, little league baseball games, etc ... as a community service. Group travel will be fun, sensible, and efficient. While saving lives is our continuous goal, we will effectively cut down on the use of expensive gasoline and help "drive" air-pollution out of our communities. Designate-A-Driver (D-A-D)

Insert From the International Center for Alcohol Policies

[The legal age for purchase and/or consumption of alcohol varies considerably from country to country. Age limits range from a high of 21 in the United States, Malaysia, Ukraine and Korea, to a low of 16 in countries such as Italy, France, Belgium and Spain. Many countries, including Azerbaijan, China, Georgia, Portugal and Thailand currently have no established legal limits. The laws tend to be silent on drinking within the home with the exception of those in the United Kingdom where alcohol may be consumed from the age of five with parental consent.] http://www.icap.org

D-A-D does not and will not promote underage drinking, though we do feel educating our youth on the dangers of underage drinking and the permanent damage which can be caused by drunk and reckless driving, at a younger age is ethical and necessary. In today's digital world; repetitious video/photo footage of the many unfortunate mistakes made by other people is a practical way we can show our children what can and will happen if one chooses to irresponsibly consume alcohol.

Designate-A-Driver is here to help!!

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