The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that Alcohol Related Crashes cost roughly $51 billion each year. This number does not include the priceless amount of lives lost, averaging one fatality every 31 minutes. Designate-A-Driver (D-A-D) is here to help diminish these tragedies!!!


We will start to drive local school students to and from under funded after-school events as soon as possible. We will also host fundraising “Rhode” trips to New England Patriots home games; airing a brief educational safety video during every homeward bound departure. Other local organizations and citizens will employ Designate-A-Driver for their desirable destinations out of town to start our “earned income” school community assistance program. For more information on D-A-D’s availability and how you can help support your community please contact us by phone: 401.639.4901 or e-mail to: Board Members, Directors, Volunteers, and Guest Speakers are all needed for our continued growth. Please Join Today!!!

Still driving our local school students around New England helping to keep teachers employed and classes in place; D-A-D will make December a can food drive month. We will ask members of our communities to bring at least one canned or imperishable food item along on every December “Rhode” trip for a donation to local Emergency Food Providers on New Years Day.

For help setting up a mock DWI scene for your High School’s prom/graduation season feel free to contact us any time. Phone: 401.639.4901 Fax: 401.849.0925 or e-mail to: . We had the 2004 simulation for St. George’s in Middletown, RI recorded to DVD and distributed to those involved for educational purposes.


“Full Circle”

D-A-D plans to start a Designate-A-Driver fall season golf classic. This annual golf event will raise funds as well as the awareness necessary to help prevent more senseless deaths and life long struggles in our communities. Because DRIVERS are a key factor in the game of golf, D-A-D has an exclusive New England style golf tournament. For more information please contact us.

With every “Full Circle” D-A-D’s Family Tree grows!!

Photo courtesy of Henri D. Grissino-Mayer, University of Tennessee

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